Guide to Tennis Strings

Our Guide to Tennis Strings is designed to help you, or the player you are ordering for, decide which string set-up to use to optimise racquet performance.

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Types of String

Natural Gut

The only non-synthetic string, natural gut is made from cow intestines.  Widely regarded as offering the ultimate in feel and comfort due to its elasticity. However, gut is not durable and is very expensive, meaning it is impractical for most players.


Synthetic Gut

Most synthetic guts use a solid core with one or more outer wraps. While the construction and quality varies depending on the manufacturer, synthetic gut typically offers good all round playability at a lower price point.



Multifilament strings are generally softer and therefore less durable than monofilaments. Multifilaments usually offer more power and comfort but less control and will wear more quickly.



Monofilament strings are generally harder and therefore more durable than multifilaments. They offer less power and comfort but more control and will last longer.



The gauge (thickness) of tennis strings typically ranges between 1.20mm and 1.35mm.

For synthetic gut and multifilaments, which are typically softer and therefore less durable, we recommend 130mm (16 gauge).

For monofilaments, which are typically harder and therefore more durable, we recommend 125mm (17 gauge).



Theoretically, all else being equal, lower tension offers more power and comfort but less control (and vice versa).

For synthetic gut and multifilaments, we typically recommended stringing at higher tensions.

For monofilaments, we typically recommend stringing at lower tensions.


Once you have a good understanding of which string(s) will work best for you, you may also want to refer to our Guide to Tennis Racquets.

If you have any queries, or for more specific advice and/or recommendations, please Contact Us to discuss with one of our friendly and experienced team, either in store, by phone or email.